Il Patriziato di Cadenazzo : welcome !


The Patrician of Cadenazzo had to do for years and centuries with those of S.Antonino and Isone and was therefore independent from the beginning. Especially the link with S.Antonino has followed the events that bound also the Parish.


The division of property between Cadenazzo and S.Antonino was sanctioned during the Assembly of Patrizi Cadenazzo del'11 March 1877. The separation of property had therefore practical effect since 1878.


With Patrician of Isone existed grazing rights. Of these rights is track already in a document of 1715. In past centuries these rights were of proven importance, whereas the livestock had its great importance in daily life. Over the years, the mentality and the changing socio-cultural population has become increasingly diminish the interest in these rights. However, the latest agreement with the Patrician of Isone dates back to 1957 and is still valid, it was never canceled.


The Patrician is currently owner of AC 400'000m2 of forests in the area "Cascine Maffé", into Alpe Cuscio and the plantation and the sides of the Pianturina river. Over the years the Patrician sold land in the area and building valuable. About 6'000m2 of land were transferred to the City of Cadenazzo in favor of the cemetery and the sector schools (kindergartens and elementary). For this assignment the Patrician has acquired the right to have its own room within the patrician administrative buildings of the City.


The coat of arms patrician current includes the crenellated tower, symbol of the City already and five stars representing the current patrician families.


Source : Cadenazzo, alla ricerca della sua identità - Bice Caccia, 1980