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Mount of Pianturin

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The mount of Pianturin is known since the Middle Ages. Already on a map of 1529 was called Piano Turino. It 'a beautiful plateau at 792m above sea level. The origin of the name is not known in detail and for this have been put forward several hypotheses: the possible breeding bulls to a reporting system of mountain ash, through a small tower on the Headline. From here, actually, you have a wonderful view from the lake increased, ranging over the Plain of Magadino until Claro and S.Vittore.


Access to the mount was not always easy. Until the '60s were the typical place of transhumance between the plane and alp. Until then the gateway shortest was from the mountains of Calmagnone. In fact a forest road, built during World War '14 -'18, Robasacco connects with the mountains of Medeglia and allows quick access. The path from the mountains of Calmagnone, through the valley Pianturina, lets get to Pianturin was narrow, steep and very suitable to transport material. Then the material was "sent" by a file cantilever between Calmagnone and Pianturina.


In the 80s the forestry consortium, with the patricians and some volunteers paint a new path that goes from the mount to the valley Pianturina. This important work has been a successful path safe, smooth and mostly flat. Also thanks to this work are the following begun renovation works of different farms and the old trail, which passed higher up, has gone into disuse.


In the 90s, the consortium groups achieved in stages the current road that leads to the entrance of the mount. Thanks to the confort, in a few years several farms were used as secondary buildings and restoring them, allowing you to restore life to the mount of Pianturina, especially in the summer months. Here the video of the road from Cadenazzo:



Source : Vivere la Montagna - Luca Bettosini  //  Cadenazzo, alla ricerca della sua identità - Bice Caccia, 1980


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